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No. However, it’s recommended to be on all social networks that compliment your field of work. For example, if you are a business development professional, being on LinkedIn is imperative. For a Graphic Designer, it’s necessary to have a portfolio on popular websites like Behance & Dribbble. Being on these communities and engaging with people from the same filed of work as yours help you grow a network that generates sales for you organically.

Yes! In fact that’s the decisive factor. A good content containing keywords about your service or product offerings help search engines like Google understand and present it to the right audience. You would never want to reach to the audience who’s not interested in your service and therefore won’t convert into a paying customer.

If you’re just starting up and getting into a new venture, we have some good pointers for you that you may want to consider in order to survive this competitive world. Read this blog post to know more.

While print has changed and can’t beat social media and online marketing that helps you reach targeted audience, it is far from dead and seems to be picking up again!

In fact, in some ways, launching a print presence is simpler than before as now you can use digital marketing to find and connect with audiences and measure their response to topics, which makes it easier to create a print publication that truly meets their needs.

While it takes long term efforts and dedication to build any business from the ground up, especially when there’s a lot of competition which is trying to achieve the same, there are some sure shot ways to boost your business and sales. If you are an online business, the scope just expands 5 times for you. We, at Huedesk, research your business and put the best tactics to their use in order to achieve success for you.

Yes! If you are trying to build your brand from the ground up, there are a lot of things involved to build and improve your online presence. You can subscribe to our full service packages that will help you rank higher and achieve greater returns on your investment. Considering the number of people using mobile devices every day, our digital services are focused on mobile-first approach.

Scaling your business is hard. It takes considerable effort. The truth? If you buckle down, clear your mind, and just look at things in perspective, you can easily identify ways you can grow your business. 

If you design an attractive and functional website, build sales funnels, develop a customer management system, research the competition, use targeted advertising, build an email list, create customer loyalty program, build passive income streams, then there is a high chance you could start selling your services faster. There are many more ways. Contact us to know what you should be doing.

Yes. We charge from anywhere between $30 – $70 per hour depending on the service you’re hiring us for. An exclusive professional or a team of professionals is assigned to complete your project.

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