What is a Junior-Studio?

A New & Unique Approach to A Digital Business

Creating Junior-entrepreneurs

We collaborate with students from the most prestigious Colleges Around

The Advantages

There are some challenges for a Junior Studio. But it also is a carrier of many advantages: new vision, cumulation of expertise, pledge of quality … A unique approach that lead more and more companies to receive consultation from the talents of tomorrow.

Institutions believe that this bridges the gap between theoretical and practical teaching, as it allows students to apply the skills acquired during their course by carrying out paid professional projects under our supervison.

Junior Consultants

Trained extensively & nitpicked by experienced minds in the industry, our associates are young, passionate and learning professionals. They love what they do and are always under the guidance of one of our senior consultants, creative directors and product managers.

We have worked with 21+ junior associates consulting for us in all areas of expertise. No matter what project, we are here to adapt teams of consultants and professionals to each customer problem.

Work today with the talents of tomorrow

A guarantee of quality

The quality of the workflow and projects delivered is audited by the team of industry professionals to ensure the efficiency of the processes and consistency.

A Vision For Tomorrow

By working with student consultants in the best higher education institutions, companies have a fresh look at their issues. At the forefront of their expertise, Junior-Entrepreneurs seek to anticipate changes and challenge their clients’ projects. 

A tailor-made accompaniment

With a large pool of consultants, our junior studio adapts its project teams to each customer problem. Students are also managed by teams of dedicated administrators that ensure availability and listening. 

The strength of the network

Since there are an overwhelming number of institutions around, Huedesk does not hesitate to join forces to answer the problems of its customers, and offer them the possibility of benefiting from several areas of expertise in a single project.


Want To Join Our Team?

We always have a spot for the next intern. talk to us about your expertise and what excites you.

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